Open your Mind (to the Power of Direct Mail)

- (2016-May-31)

An Post'™s Mail Media Unit 'Open your Mind (to the power of Direct Mail)' campaign, featuring Ireland'™s best known mentalist Keith Barry, scooped ˜Best Use of Digital Media™ at the 2010 APMC (Association of Promotional Marketing Consultants) Star Awards.

The campaign targeted 30,000 business people with an eye-catching, personalised envelope with a large window showing a 5 cent coin attached to a scratch panel. Scratching revealed a personalised URL where Barry greeted users by name before leading them through an entertaining mind-reading exercise and wrap-up emphasising the simplicity, cost effectiveness and measurability of Direct Mail.

The campaign achieved a 35 per cent response rate - an amazing 25 per cent above target.

You can watch An Post's youtube video about the campaign here.

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