Postage Rates
Increased Rates For Periodical Service - April  2017

In April 20167, An Post increased posting rates across the board. Although the difference is seemingly quite small, in the long run excess posting costs really add up. This is where we come in. With our Publication Service rates you will save your business from unwieldly fees, and can also get the added benefit of our distribution service.

Before you price anything you must first work out the weight of the item you want to send. With paper, you can work out the weight by referencing ISO Standard Paper Sizes, with weight calculated as grams per square meter (g/m²). For example: a sheet of standard quality A4 page has an area of 1/16m² and weighs 5g. You can of course also weigh your package manually, which is undoubtedly easier for larger packets. We at Shanahan's will be happy to work out both the weight and postage rate for your items.

The following table outlines new rates for the An Post Periodical Service (as of 13th April 2017), and also gives a comparison between Publication Service rates and An Post standard postal tariffs.

 Quantity per Posting  Minimum of 100 items - 60 sort  Minimum of 2,000 items - 152 sort  (Flat Rate)
Weight not over  Publication Service Discount 1  Publication Service Discount 2  Standard Tariffs  
250g € 1.25 € 1.15 € 2.10
375g € 1.75 € 1.65 € 2.80
500g € 2.20 € 2.05 € 2.80
750g € 3.55 € 3.40 € 8.00
1 kilo € 3.80 € 3.80 € 8.00

An Post also has a Pre-Sortation requirement for both discounted options, which must be adhered to in order to avail of these discounts. The above rates are based on national post – if you are mailing abroad then an alternative rate will apply.

Download the Sortation excel files to assist you in the Pre-Sortation requirement (Rate One | Rate Two). If you are unsure of the sort destination, you can use An Post's 'Sort It' tool

Shanahan Direct can update your current mailing & subscription lists to avail of the periodical rates. Please contact Caroline at 01 460 9006 for more information.